Sellers Expenses

Estate Agency Fees 

Open Agency    

 As the normal, the Sellers pays a  5% commission of the sale price +18% VAT.

Sole Agency     

As in the normal, the Sellers pays a  3.5% commission of the sale price +18% VAT

Homes Direct Exclusive Listing

Agreements  are normally agreed at 5% + VAT, and enjoy a multitude of benefits with Homes Direct as described below.

1. A meeting to identify the sellers wants and needs and to give, independent and professional advice based on the current property marketing scenario.

2. We will take Professional Pictures and make the necessary preparations for broadcasting.

3. An In House Interior Decorator/Designer will give advise on how to STAGE and prepare the property for showing.

4. Complimentary Architect Analysis

5. Complimentary Legal Advise if and when required.

6. Discounted Notary Fees (list attached or on request).

7. Priority on The Homes Direct `Hot Properties Spot and offered instantly to our `buyers match` from our array of buyers looking for a similar property similar to your own property, already listed on our books.

8. YOUR OWN Property Brochure.

• Sales and Marketing.

• Video that will be screened on You Tube and the Homes Direct Video page.
• T.V. Campaign
• RADIO Frequent Exposure
• NEWSPAPER Adverts. Classified
• SMS Alerts
• BROCHURE. Periodical Adverts on Magazines/Electronic Newspaper Post.
• WEBSITE. A State of the Art online Internet search criteria with a high end definition photo gallery and descriptions, combined with an easy and direct approach to finding your future home.

Marketing Your Property

Primarily the Seller has to have a clear vision of the period of time by when the property needs to be sold. Identify who will be buying the type of property and stage accordingly, be it the modern living scenario or the House of Character type. For example if a third bedroom is used as a study, revert back to three bedrooms and avoid the prospective buyers think tank. It is also important to note that in Malta, Christmas and Lent periods may be a quieter time as well as the build up to Elections and big sporting events like the World Cup. Schools go back in October here so traditionally more viewings take place when children are back at school.

First Impressions Count

Try and make the property look as big as possible. Hallways are key, make sure they are neat and presentable as first impressions really make a difference. Bathrooms and kitchens are to be clean and fresh smelling, rooms presented well will help attract the prospective buyers. A nice pot of fresh coffee will give a relaxed and welcoming feeling. A coat of paint can work wonders, as can a new kitchen.

Bathrooms and showers are also a huge selling point and a fresh bit of grouting will definitely help. Good lighting is very important, especially natural light, a bright and airy property  gives a pleasing natural aura. Buyers feel at home when they are in a house that feels good, is neat and nicely presented,.

Outside entertaining areas such as gardens, yards and patios together with roofs can be paramount for the focus on leisure time and relaxation. Plants can be very helpful.

Always take fresh photos when an update takes place, we will  in return amend on your property profile, remember every picture tells a story.

Always have a board or sign up if you can. Boards and posters really do work so if you have space, be sure to have one installed by one of our agents.

Remember contact is key – keep us informed of any new  contact dertails,price changes and circumstances regarding your property.

This will be added on the price of what you want in hand. Minimum period of exclusivity is 9 months.

Capital Gains

Normally applied at a flat rate of 12% of the selling price. Payment is made to the Notary during the selling process who then passes it onto the Inland Revenue. If the owner has held the property for less than 12 years.
Options for Capital Gains:
A flat rate of 12% of the property value or
A maximum of 35% of net capital gains less than the cost spent on the property (building work, finishing, decoration etc.,)
Exemptions: Capital gains tax is not charged when the property being sold has been the owners main residence for 3 consecutive years, and as long as it is sold within 12 months of vacating the property.
Capital Gains Tax on an inherited property `Causa Mortis` is charged at a rate of 12% on the increased value since the original purchase price as declared in the deed of the` Causa Mortis`. If the property was inherited before 25 November 1992, the tax rate will be 7% of the increase in value.